State of Georgia Resources

Georgia Procurement Manual

The Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM) provides operational and administrative rules derived from the laws set forth by the Georgia code.

State Purchasing Card Policy

The State Purchasing Card Policy establishes the minimum standards for use of the P-Card in order to ensure compliance with all applicable State laws pertaining to purchasing as contained in the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM).

Georgia Statewide Travel Regulations

The Statewide Travel Regulations provides organizations with guidelines relating to acceptable limits for expenses incurred for in-state and out-of-state travel.  All agencies are required to follow the minimum guidelines outlined in the Statewide Travel Regulations; however, agencies are also authorized to establish policies that provide for more definitive limitations/guidelines relating to travel if the agency determines that such policies are necessary. 

State Accounting Office of Georgia,2474,39779022,00.html

The State Accounting Office sets standards for financial reporting; prepares the state's yearly, comprehensive financial statement; assists other state agencies collect human resources data; and trains accounting and payroll personnel.

Georgia Department of Audit and Accounts

The Department of Audits and Accounts exists to provide decision-makers with credible management information to promote improvements in accountability and stewardship in state and local government.

Georgia House Bill 1113 (HB 1113)

Georgia House Bill 1113 (HB 1113) relates to the general authority, duties, and procedures with regard to state purchasing, so as to provide definitions; to provide for the requirements of a state purchasing card program; to provide penalties for violators; to authorize the promulgation of rules and regulations; to provide for related matters; to provide for effective dates and applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.